About us


In 1998, we founded a domestic company called Surgitech – a dedicated company with the aim of bringing high-quality diagnostic equipment and reagents to the Estonian healthcare market.
Our journey, filled with continuous growth and development, quickly evolved into a mission to offer more than just products – we wanted to provide solutions that change lives.
In 2017, our product range expanded to professional health products and dietary supplements, catering to everyone who values their health and well-being. Our decades-long collaboration with top-notch medical technology manufacturers, including our largest partner Roche Diagnostics, reaffirms our commitment to offering only the best.

Professional staff

Our strength lies not only in experience but primarily in our people: educated, dedicated, and highly qualified team encompassing top-level surgeons, doctors, and other specialists.
We offer more than just products; we offer complete peace of mind. Our clients have the assurance that they can turn to competent specialists who understand their challenges and needs. This trust is possible due to our team’s ongoing education, skills, and above all, the responsibility we demonstrate in our work daily.

Peeter and Sven, our driving force, embody Surgitech’s commitment to excellence. Their medical background is not only vitally important in shaping our products and services, but it also ensures that every strategic decision the company makes is made with a deep understanding of medical practice and the best interests of patients.

25+ Years of Experience

50+ Laboratories Across Estonia

Over 10 Million Analyses Annually

Our team


Chief executive officer

Peeter Metsik

Chief commercial officer and product manager

Jaana Serikova

Product managers

Pharmaceutical wholesale manager

Helen Niklus

Sales Secretary and Product Manager for Health Products

Kairi Tukia

Clinical chemistry, immunology and coagulation product manager

Tiina Michelson

Molecular Diagnostics Product Manager

Avo Karus

Molecular and tissue diagnostics product manager

Mari-Liis Kracht

POC and molecular diagnostics POC product manager

Sandra Landsov

Immunohematology, Clinical Chemistry and Immunology Product Manager

Reelika Sultson

Diabetes products product manager

Marge Männistu

Product manager for beauty products and disinfectants

Karmen Raja

Molecular diagnostics product manager

Kaia Grete Kukker

Sales assistant

Keiti Vilkost

POC and cancer treatment product manager

Liisa Rannamäe


POC and molecular diagnostics product manager

Jessica Reek


Medical equipment engineers

Medical equipment engineer

Kaarel Kaldvee

Medical equipment engineer

Marko Muoni

(+372) 64 60 660

Medical equipment engineer

Nigol Kaste

Maintenance manager

Rein Jakimov

Medical equipment engineer

Siim Kärtner

Medical equipment engineer

Vidrik Teder

Medical equipment engineer

Indrek Kirs

Medical equipment engineer

Gabriel Agur


Warehouse manager

Janar Lattik


Karl-Heinrich Diener

Warehouse specialist

Madli Remmal


Peeter Salujärv


Risto Paasian

Warehouse specialist

Margit Näkk-Uueni